Famous People Say: Blogging?

I became a person who writes things down the very minute I learned how. By definition, I guess that makes me a writer, but if I’m a writer I’m the unusual kind that doesn’t like to be read. Keeping a blog, to me, sounded a bit like keeping a pet parrot who screams out my thoughts in an infinite loop and always needs to be fed.

And then someone (my Ruby curriculum) told me to keep a pet parrot (this blog) and tell it to scream about code.

Clearly, I have to reconcile my personal issues with web-based communication, but I have a mean stubborn streak that’s hard to break. So I did what every millennial would do: I asked Google to tell me what someone else thinks.


This is pretty much how that went:





An hour later, I’ve overdosed on advice from my famous (and mostly dead) role models; I’m more conflicted than I was before and also kind of hungry. And what do I have to show for it? An empty wine glass and the realization that even the wisest people can’t form my opinions for me.

Oh, yeah – and also a blog post.

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